1,558. Moving to a Different Territory Within Israel

Hilchos Ishus 13:16

Earth is divided into a number of different lands, such as Canaan, Egypt, Yemen, Ethiopia, Babylonia, etc. Each land is further divided into cities and towns. When it comes to the laws of marriage, the cities of Israel are divided into three different territories: Judea, Transjordan and the Galilee.

Hilchos Ishus 13:17

If a man from one of these three territories marries a woman from a different territory, she is required to relocate to his locale or he can divorce her without having to pay her the value of her kesubah. Even if this is not expressly stated, it is assumed to be a condition of marriage. However, if a man marries a woman in a certain territory and he is from that territory, he does not have the right to make her move to a different territory, though he may compel her to move from one city to a different city or from one town to a different town within that territory. He may not compel her to move from a city to a town or vice versa because living in a city offers certain advantages while living in a town offers different advantages.