1,559. Moving Into or Out of Israel

Hilchos Ishus 13:18

If a husband compels his wife to move to a different city or town within their territory, he may not compel her to move from a nice place to an unpleasant place, nor vice versa. Even though compelling her to move to a nicer place would seem to be an objective benefit, he cannot force her because she might feel out of place and inferior in this new location. Similarly, he cannot force her to move from a place inhabited mostly by Jews to one inhabited mostly by non-Jews, though he can always make her move from a mostly non-Jewish locale to one that is mostly Jewish.

Hilchos Ishus 13:19

The above halacha applies to moving from one place outside of Israel to another, or from one place within Israel to another. If the husband wants to move to Israel from outside of it, then she can be compelled even if it means leaving a nicer place for one less pleasant, or leaving a mostly Jewish area for one that is mostly non-Jewish. One should not leave Israel for another land even if it means moving to a nicer place or from a mostly non-Jewish area to one that is mostly Jewish.