1,557. "I Don't Want Your Family Visiting"

Hilchos Ishus 13:14

If a man tells his wife, “I don’t want your father, mother, brothers or sisters in my house,” such is his right and she can visit them on special occasions. She should visit her father’s house once a month and on every yom tov. They should only visit her on significant occasions, such as when she is ill or after she has given birth. This is because a person should not be compelled to have others in his home. Similarly, if a wife says, “I don’t want your mother or sisters to visit, nor will I live in the same courtyard as them, because they give me grief and cause me trouble,” such is her prerogative, again because one should not be compelled to have others in their home.

Hilchos Ishus 13:15

If a husband says, “I won’t live in this house because there are bad people in this neighborhood, whom I fear,” such is his prerogative. This is so even if it has not been determined that bad people actually live there because the Sages told us to keep far away from bad neighbors (Avos 1:7). Even if the wife owns the home, she must leave it in order to relocate among worthy people. The same is true if the wife makes this demand; we follow her wishes even if the husband doesn’t object to the neighborhood. This is because she can object on the basis that living in such a neighborhood will give her a bad reputation.