The Controversial Pesukim in Yechezkel that Almost Caused the Sefer to be Buried

The Gemara (מנחות מה) says that if it weren't for Chananya ben Chizkiya the book of Yechezkel would have been excluded from Tanach because parts of it contradict what it says in the Torah as is seen in the Haftarah for Emor. For example

 ואלמנה וגרושה לא יקחו להם לנשים כי אם בתולת מזרע בית ישראל והאלמנה אשר תהיה אלמנה מכהן יקחו - יחזקאל מד:כב

The Malbim explains how to reconcile the pesukim in Yechezkel with what is written in Parshat Emor and elsewhere in the Torah.

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