The Prohibition of Relating a Death

Insight into the mourning status of a person unaware that he has suffered a loss.  Not informing of a person’s passing unless asked; communicating only via implication.  What is this prohibition is about?  Possible leniencies and methods of sharing the desired information.  Mentioning negative things unrelated to a person’s passing.  Motsi dibah versus motsi dvar klalah.


In addition to the commentary of the Vilna Gaon, this shiur cites Bais Yosef, Shulchan Aruch, Darkei Moshe and Taz on Yoreh De’ah siman #402, and Teshuvos Mahari Veil siman #13, Teshuvos Shvus Yaakov 2nd chelek, 99th siman, Teshuvos Chedvas Yaakov (Mahadrua Tinyana 57th siman,) Teshuvos Rebbe Azriel Hildesheimer, 1st chelek, Yoreh De’ah 263rd siman.