No Pain No Gain?

Lasting teshuvah and personality improvement only occur through heavy duty internal work, and that always causes pain.  Bad habits, bad middos, and aveiros change how you think and react – and undoing that is uncomfortable. 

Discussion of the Gemara’s insistence that a person try to avoid speaking about disastrous events directly.  Nuances in the prohibition to relay that a person has died.

Citations: In addition to the commentary of the Vilna Gaon on Mishlei, this shiur references Gemara Pesachim 3b with commentators Rashi, Bais HaMechira and Chasam Sofer, and Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah 402:12, Teshuvos Mahari Veil  - 13th siman, Teshuvos Rav Azriel Hildesheimer 1st chelek, 263rd siman.