Sharing Bad News

Sharing general bad news versus mentioning someone’s passing.  Our inability to reckon the tragic loss of the niftar (from our perspective) with the true gain to the neshama of being closer to Hashem, can lead to a “dibah ra’ah”.  Contrast with non-death suffering.

Discussion of telling a patient the full scope of his terminal illness.  The dangers of non-Torah doctors, hospice care.

Note - This shiur contains an addendum where Rav Kahn made comments the following day on the material covered.    

Motsi dibah and mayvi dibah. 

Discussion of the requirement to do teshuvah upon becoming an avel.

Citations: This shiur references Mishnah Berachos 9:2 with the commentaries Tiferes Yisroel, Shnos Eliyahu and Hon Ashir, Ramban al haTorah, Sefer Chasidim siman 802, Sefer Orchos Chaim, Sefer Kerem HaTzvi, Rashi and Ramban on Breishis 37:2.