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Shabbos 22:3-4

Shabbos 22:3

One may break a barrel on Shabbos in order to remove dried figs for eating as long as he does not intend to make a vessel. Rabbi Yehuda says that one may not bore a hole in the seal of a barrel (for pouring) but the Sages permit it. One may not pierce the side of a barrel on Shabbos and if it was already pierced, he may not seal it with wax because of smoothing. Rabbi Yehuda reported such an incident that occurred in a place called Arav and Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai required the one who sealed the hole to bring a sin offering.

Shabbos 22:4

A person may put cooked food into a cool, dry pit to preserve it, one may immerse a vessel of potable water in a well of bad water in order to cool it, and one may put cold water in the sun to warm it. If a person was walking and his clothes fell into the water, he may continue walking in them and he need not worry that others will suspect him of laundering them on Shabbos. When he reaches the first courtyard, he may spread his wet clothes in the sun to dry but he may not do so in view of passersby.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz