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Shabbos 22:1-2

Shabbos 22:1

If a barrel breaks on Shabbos, one may salvage enough of its contents for use at three meals. He may also instruct others to salvage for themselves, but he may not absorb the spill with a sponge (lest he come to wring it out). One may not squeeze fruits for their juice on Shabbos and if the fruit exudes juice on its own, it is prohibited for the duration of that Shabbos. Rabbi Yehuda says that if the fruit is ready to be eaten as food, then whatever juice comes out on its own may be drunk. If the food is ready as a source of juice, what comes out is prohibited on Shabbos (as a preventive measure against squeezing the juice out). If honeycombs were crushed before Shabbos and the honey oozed out on its own on Shabbos, it is prohibited, though Rabbi Elazar permits it.

Shabbos 22:2

Whatever was cooked in hot water before Shabbos may be soaked in hot water on Shabbos. If something was not in hot water before Shabbos, it may be rinsed in hot water on Shabbos except for aged salted fish, small salted fish, and Spanish kolyas (another type of fish) because doing so completes their preparation (and is therefore tantamount to cooking).

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz