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Shabbos 22:5-6

Shabbos 22:5

If a person bathed in cave water or hot springs like those of Tiberias and he dries off, even with ten towels, he may not carry them home out of concern that he may wring them out. If ten people used a single towel to dry their hands, feet and faces, they may carry it home without concern (because they will remind one another not to wring it out).

Shabbos 22:6

A person may anoint and rub his stomach on Shabbos but one may not massage or comb. One may not go to a river with a slippery clay bottom (because he will likely fall in, leading to wringing out his clothes), nor may one induce vomiting with an emetic, nor straighten a child’s spine, not set a broken bone. [Editor’s note: this latter opinion does not reflect the final halacha.] If a person’s hand or foot was dislocated on Shabbos, he could not splash water on them in a curative fashion but he could wash them in the usual way and if it cures his condition, all the better.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz