1,632. An Estate of Only Daughters; A Dowry

Hilchos Ishus 19:22

Let’s say that a man dies, leaving older daughters and younger daughters, but no sons. In such a case, we don’t say that the younger daughters should be given maintenance until they come of age (12½), at which point the estate is divided equally among all the daughters. Rather, the estate is divided among them all right away.

Hilchos Ishus 20:1

The Sages enacted that a man give some of his possessions to his daughter as a dowry; this is called “parnasa.” When a man marries off a daughter, he must give her at least the wardrobe that is given to the wife of a simple Jew, as was described in halacha 13:1. This is the case when a father is poor; if he is wealthy, he must provide for his daughter according to his means.