Vayishlach 5779

Shechem is one of the three places bought by our ancestors and therefore no one can say we stole - Shechem, Chevron, and Yerushalayim.

Bereshit as a sefer on angels and dreams and the two categories of malachim (the ones we create by our actions and the ones created on day two of creation) - we have the power to create malachim.

Rav Zevin: What does the term "מכל האמת" - all the truth - truth can't be plural?

When Yaakov tells Esav he doesn't need Esav to accompany him, what is he really saying?

"למה זה תשאל לשמי" - why can't the malach tell Yaakov his name? Why do malachim speak as though God is speaking?