Vayetze 5779

We learn from Yaakov the concept of making a neder, taking on something extra, at a time of distress vs. making vows in general.

Rachel says to Yaakov: give me children, if not I will die. What did she mean and what did Yaakov mean when he says "התחת אלקים אנכי"?

אוזנים לתורה: When Yaakov builds a מצבה on his way to Charan he pours oil on it, when he returns he pours wine and oil on the מצבה he builds. Why the difference?

Elifaz's confused personality: stealing Yaakov's money so he could both keep כיבוד אב ואם and not kill Yaakov.

Why did Rachel make signals with Yaakov in the first place if she was going to give them to Leah?

The difference and transition between the Avot and the Shevatim.