Introduction to the Structure of Mishlei

Shiur #1 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra

Content Description: Structure of Mishlei – (a) how to prevent the yetser hara from getting you, (b) if it gets you, how to free yourself from that jail, and (c) how to free yourself in the Torah way. This is achieved by way of chochmah, mussar, and imrei binah. Insight into “vaYelchu acharei ha-hevel, va-ye-hebalu (Yirmiyahu 2:5).” A discussion on the contradiction between “Al ti-he tsadik harbeh (Koheles 7:16)” and “kadesh atsmecha ba-mutar lach (Yevamos 20a).”

Citations: Besides the commentaries on Mishlei presented in the source packet, the following sources are referenced in this shiur: Mesilas Yesharim Chapter 13, explaining “Midas HaChassidus”, found in the source packet on pages 3-6, and Zohar-Ra’ayah MeHemnah Volume 3, BaMidbar Parshas Pinchas page 247a, found in the source packet on pages 2-3.