The Significance of Suffering

Shiur #2 in Rav Aharon Kahn’s Hashkafah Series Based on Mishlei with Biur HaGra: The significance of suffering - Insights into “yisurim shel ahavah.”

Content Description: Sigufim – self-inflicted physical suffering, their relationship to one’s enterprise of Talmud Torah, and to one’s teshuvah. Being mortified on account of one’s sins, is an even greater catalyst for teshuvah than sigufim. Analysis of the idea that if things go wrong, there is an obligation to examine one’s ways, even though one cannot know whether or not this is a punishment. Insights into “yisurim shel ahavah.” Brisker Rav: the botayach b’Hashem’s reward is receiving (and needing) a greater connection to Hashem, which on the surface might make it appear that things have gotten more difficult. Suffering leads to closeness and dependence upon Hashem.

Citations: Besides the commentaries on Mishlei presented in the source packet, the following sources are referenced in this shiur: Ramban’s Toras Ha-Adam, Sha’ar ha-Gmul, which is found in the source packet on pages 1-5, and Maharsha (Chidushei Aggados Gemara Brachos 5a) which is found in the source packet on page 5-6, and the Biur Halacha (Siman 571) which is found in the source packet on page 6.