2,995. A Kohein Who Re-Donates Cheirem

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:5

If someone proscribes real estate or movable goods, it’s given to a kohein in the duty rotation that is serving at the time of the proscription. As long as property proscribed for the kohanim is in the donor’s possession, it is consecrated property in all ways, as per Leviticus 27:28: “All proscribed property is consecrated as holy to God.” Once it has been given to the kohanim, it is secular, as per Numbers 18:14: “All the proscriptions of the Jewish people shall be yours.”

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:6

If a kohein has a field that was a proscription that he acquired after yoveil (the Jubilee year) and he proscribed it, it is proscribed and is given to his fellow kohanim, as per Leviticus 27:21, “It will become the kohein’s hereditary property.” From this we see that the proscribed field of a kohein is like the hereditary field of a Yisroel (an Israelite). If he proscribes it, it is effectively proscribed.