2,994. The Difference Between Cheirem for Kohanim and Cheirem for Bedek HaBayis

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:3

If someone proscribes or consecrates all of his property, we take everything he owns, including the tefillin on his head, and certainly his tools and his clothes. This is because he consecrated or proscribed everything.

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:4

The difference between proscriptions for kohanim and proscriptions for Heaven is as follows: proscriptions for Heaven become consecrated and are redeemed for their values. The proceeds from such sales are given towards Temple upkeep and the proscribed property becomes secular. Proscriptions for the kohanim, however, can never be redeemed. Rather, they belong to the kohanim like t’rumah. Regarding proscriptions for the kohanim, Leviticus 27:28 tells us, “It may not be sold or redeemed,” meaning that it can’t be redeemed by the donor, nor sold to a third party.