2,764. Does Property Remain Prohibited If Its Owner Dies?

Hilchos Nedarim 5:3

If Reuven tells Shimon, “The produce of person X (a third party) is prohibited to you” or “You are prohibited to benefit from person X,” his words are completely ineffective. This is because one person can’t prohibit another in something that isn’t his unless the other person agrees by responding “amen,” as has been discussed.

Hilchos Nedarim 5:4

If person A tells person B, “This, my loaf, is prohibited to you,” it’s prohibited to person A even if person B gives it to him as a gift. If person A dies, and person B inherits the loaf, or if a third party gives it to person B as a gift, it is permitted to person B. This is because person A only intended to prohibit a loaf belonging to him and now it no longer belongs to him.