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Beitza 1:6-7

Beitzah 1:6

Beis Shammai say that one may not give challah or other priestly gifts to a kohein on yom tov regardless of whether they were separated before yom tov or on yom tov but Beis Hillel permit it. Beis Shammai said, “Challah and gifts are a portion for the kohein, just like terumah. Just as terumah is not delivered on yom tov, neither are challah and gifts.” Beis Hillel replied, “Just because terumah – which may not be separated on yom tov – may not be delivered, that does not necessarily hold true for gifts that may be separated on yom tov.”

Beitzah 1:7

Beis Shammai say that spices may be ground on yom tov using a wooden pestle (as opposed to one of stone), while salt may be crushed in a jar with a wooden spoon (as opposed to with a mortar and pestle). Beis Hillel permit doing these things in their usual manners: with a stone pestle for spices and a wooden pestle for salt.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz