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Beitza 1:8-9

Beitzah 1:8

Beis Shammai say that one who separates beans to eat on yom tov must pick the edible portion from the inedible portion; Beis Hillel say that one may separate in the usual manner, into his lap, a basket or a dish. One may not separate onto a board or into a sifter or a sieve because this appears to be separating for future use. Rabban Gamliel says that one pours water onto the beans and skims off the inedible portions.

Beitzah 1:9

Beis Shammai say that one may only send ready-to-eat portions of food as gifts to others but Beis Hillel permit one to send animals and birds, whether still alive or already slaughtered. One may send wine, oil, fine flour and beans but not grain; Rabbi Shimon permits even grain.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz