2,111. Finding a Stain, Followed by Blood

Hilchos Issurei Biah 9:15

If a woman finds a stain and subsequently finds blood, she attributes the stain to the blood for 24 hours of time. This is so regardless of whether she checked herself, found the stain and found herself clean, or whether she didn’t check herself. However, if she finds another stain within 24 hours, she doesn’t attribute one to the other unless she checks herself in between them. If she checked herself and found herself to be clean in between finding the stains, they should not be correlated for the purpose of counting for zivah.

Hilchos Issurei Biah 9:16

Pursuant to the previous halacha, if the woman found a stain during the first hour of the day on Friday and she saw blood at any point until the first hour of the day on Shabbos, she does not count from the stain. Rather, she attributes the stain to the bleeding. This is so even if she didn’t check herself and doesn’t know if she was unclean. Therefore, if she finds blood on Sunday and Monday, she is a zavah. However, if she found blood in the second hour of Shabbos, it’s as if she was unclean for two days – Friday because of the stain and Shabbos because of the blood. This is because there was more than 24 hours between them. Accordingly, if she finds blood on Sunday, she must be concerned about the possibility that she’s a zavah.