Soft Matzah

Very few "Jewish" foods are better known than matza. In Jewish tradition there is absolute agreement on its ingredients - flour and water - but considerable discussion as to what it is actually meant to look like. There are many different things that one can make with flour and water and different minhagim around the Jewish world as to how to bake matzot.

Most people are familiar with "Ashkenazi matza" being very thin and brittle, and are aware there is an alternative "Sefardi matza" which is softer and thicker. In this shiur we will look briefly at the evidence in the sources - historical and halachic - for what matza was, and address the question of whether Ashkenazim can choose the softer thicker option for their Seder table.

This series is sponsored anonymously in the merit of an aliyat neshama for Matisyahu ben Yisrael, Aharon ben Menachem Lev, and Eliana bat Yaakov.