Car Lights Mistakenly Left On

 Courtesy of Ohr Olam Mishnah Berurah

Question: What may be done if one realizes on Shabbos or Yom Tov that one’s car lights — either the headlights or the interior lights — were mistakenly left on?

Discussion: In order of halachic preference, the following may be done:

  • If a non-Jew who sees the lights on offers to shut them off, it is permitted to accept his offer. Although generally it is forbidden to directly benefit from an action of a non-Jew on Shabbos, even if he offers to perform a forbidden melachah on his own, shutting off lights is considered an indirect benefit — a preventive action, which is permitted.121
  • If there is no non-Jew who offers to shut off the lights, it is permitted to hint to a non-Jew that the lights should be turned off, e.g., “It is a pity that the battery is going to die.”
  • If the hint will not be understood, and if the battery will in all probability die and cause a substantial loss to the owner of the vehicle, it is permitted to ask the non-Jew directly to extinguish the lights. This is permitted because most poskim maintain that extinguishing a light on Shabbos is merely a rabbinic prohibition,122 and the basic halachah123 is that it is permitted to ask a non-Jew to perform a rabbinic prohibition on one’s behalf in order to prevent a substantial loss.124

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