1,892. The Chalitzah Process

Yibum v’Chalitzah 4:1

Chalitzah is performed as follows: the yevama goes to the judges of the yavam’s city. They call the yavam and give him appropriate guidance for the situation. If the judges’ opinion is that this couple should perform yibum, they advise him to do so. If their opinion is that this couple should perform chalitzah, such as if one of the couple is much older than the other, then they advise him to perform chalitzah.

Yibum v’Chalitzah 4:2

The judges must first determine where they will meet, and the woman performs chalitzah there in their presence. This is based on Deuteronomy 25:7, “His yevama will go to the gate, to the elders.” If the judges didn’t discuss the case or set a place to meet but the yavam and the yevama happened to run across them and perform chalitzah in their presence, the chalitzah is valid.