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Review Crossword for Sefer Yeshayahu

Review Sefer Yeshayahu using this clever crossword puzzle prepared by Torat Imecha participant Fonda Weiss.

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YESHAYAHU Crossword Puzzle Clues

* indicates that this answer is an Ivrit (Hebrew) word, transliterated to English

B”Y is short for B’nei Yisrael.


2 Capital of Malchut Yisrael (Northern Kingdom) *

7 Yeshayahu’s prophecy includes words for a beautiful song about the _____ coming from Tzion (2:3); these words are sung when the _____ scroll is taken out of the Aron HaKodesh to be read in shul. *

9 Sefer Yeshayahu is part of Nevi’im ________, which primarily give messages and mussar. *

10 Yeshayahu was the son of _____. *

13 Yeshayahu prophesies that during the Messianic Era, animals will no longer ____ upon each other.

15 This strong Melech of Yehuda, who reigned during the era when Yeshayahu prophesied, was punished for performing the Kohen’s sacred job of offering k’toret incense in the Beit HaMikdash. *

16 Yeshayahu interrupts his grim message of doom with a prophecy of hope, that one day Hashem will be a _____ of beauty and glory for the people of Yehuda ; when B”Y is redeemed, we will be Hashem's "_____ jewel" (62:3) ; when we daven Birchot Ha’shachar, we bless Hashem who _____s Yisrael with glory.

18 Yeshayahu prophesies that Yerushalayim will be attacked and devastated, and the land will be a very sad, ________ wasteland.

21 Yeshayahu delivers a hopeful prophecy that a _____ has been born who will be a great leader and will bring peace and justice back to the throne and Malchut David. (9:5)

22 Yeshayahu refers to the Northern Kingdom of Yisrael as _______, which was one of the larger tribes in that kingdom ; the Kingdom of Yisrael is referred to as _______, which was the tribe of Yaravam, their first King. *

23 At the ___ of days, after the wicked are destroyed, Hashem’s House will be firmly established.

24 King of Assyria when Yeshayahu prophesied ; this King fell by the sword in his own land of Assyria.*

26 Chizkiyahu HaMelech naively and proudly showed the King of _________’s entourage all the wealth of his kingdom in his treasury, the palace and even the Temple ; Chizkiyahu should have taken the opportunity to praise Hashem to his guests from _________, rather than to show off.

29 At the end of days, the nations shall beat their _____s into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks ; nation shall not lift up _____ against nation, neither shall they learn war any more ; Hashem gave Yeshayahu a mouth like a _____, with which to rebuke the wicked.

30 Passages of Sefer Yeshayahu that deliver messages of consolation and hope to a despairing people in exile are read as the Haftarot of the Shiva d’Nechemta (7 Haftarot of Consolation) on the 7 Shabbatot following _____ b’Av until Rosh Hashanah. *

31 A Jewish man born into a priestly family that does special service in the Beit HaMikdash *

34 Righteous Melech of Yehuda who reigned during the era when Yeshayahu prophesied ; first Melech to abolish private altars (since the Temple was built), and to actually enforce this. *

36 Hashem has not forsaken us nor replaced us, and His _______ to redeem us is still binding ; Hashem is capable of fulfilling His _______s to us.

37 Chizkiyahu HaMelech became deathly ill and turned to the wall to daven to Hashem, beseeching Hashem to grant him more _____ during which Chizkiyahu would bear an heir to the throne; Hashem granted Chizkiyahu another 15 _____ of life to serve Him and gave a sign that the shadow cast by the sun went back ten steps.

39 Yeshayahu promises that one day Ya’acov will no longer be shamed (embarrassed), and his ____ will no longer be pale. (29:22)

40 Yeshayahu prophesies that during the Messianic Era, the wolf will dwell with the ____.

43 Yeshayahu describes Hashem as a ________ caring tenderly for a flock of sheep and carrying the lambs. (40:11)

45 Yeshayahu says that B”Y’s sins can be corrected only by shattering the limestone ______, tearing down every Asherah and destroying incense stands (27:9) ; doing teshuva for idol worship has one condition: that B”Y make the ______ of idol worship like shattered blocks of chalk that become powdery dust and are destroyed permanently.

47 After the fall of Malchut Yisrael (Northern Kingdom) to Assyria, Yeshayahu prophesies to the people of ______. *

49 These are symbols in nature of haughtiness, power and pride to symbolize B”Y’s enemies ; Hashem will help us to raze _________ , referring to the mighty rulers of other nations-of-the-world ; the _________ and forests will sing and rejoice when Hashem has redeemed Yisrael ; mighty _________ will eventually be eroded away, but Hashem’s kindness and His covenant of peace will be with us forever.

50 If not for Hashem’s mercy to leave some survivors when Yerushalayim was burned and destroyed, the city would have been likened to the destruction of _____ and Amora. *

51 Yeshayahu’s narrative about Chizkiyahu’s reign is in parallel to prakim 18 through 20 in Sefer ________ Beit. *

52 The harsh form of nevu’a that Yeshayahu prophesies in Perek 1 ; a vision. *

55 The first perek is one of the most important passages in Sefer Yeshayahu, and is read as the Haftarah on _______ Chazon, the last of the Gimmel d’Puranuta (the 3 Haftarot of Punishment) read on the 3 _______ot preceding Tisha b’Av. *

58 The mission or role (taf’kid) of Yeshayahu *

60 Yeshayahu warns B”Y that Hashem does not want to listen to the prayers of hypocrites, and urges them to ______ themselves of evil and to seek justice.

62 Yeshayahu prophesies that an assault by the Assyrians on Yerushalayim will be _______ by Hashem ; while the Assyrian army besieged and slept outside of Yerushalayim, a plague struck them and all 185,000 soldiers died.

63 Yeshayahu calls upon the Heaven and _____ as witnesses to Hashem’s judgement of B”Y (1:2) ; Hashem will gather the scattered Jews from the four corners of the _____. (11:12)

64 Yeshayahu urges B”Y to protect the orphans and ______ , the most vulnerable in society who depend upon tsedek u’mishpat and chessed.

65 There are 66 prakim in _____ Yeshayahu. *

66 Hashem is waiting for B"Y to return to Him in ________ ; Hashem made Yeshayahu His messenger to bring Yisrael back to Him in _______ , clearing a path and removing any obstacles to their _______ to Hashem ; repentance. *

67 B”Y will joyfully draw _____ from the well of Salvation from Hashem, in Whom we trust and are grateful that He has turned His wrath away from us ; _____ is often a metaphor for Bnei Yisrael’s thirst for Torah in a spiritual desert ; Hashem will pour His spirit upon us like _____ on the thirsty, and B”Y will sprout from it like willows by the _____.


1 King R’tzin of Aram and King Pekach of Malchut Yisrael united in siege upon Yerushalayim during Melech ____’s reign over Malchut Yehuda. *

3 Yehuda was formerly a thriving and ________ place based on justice ; Chizkiyahu was considered to be a _________ King ; Hashem’s _________ness will last forever; when Hashem redeems us, we will be firmly established because of our __________ness.

4 When they repent, Bnei Yisrael’s sins would become as white as ____, indicating they are completely forgiven by Hashem (as long as someone had sinned alone).

5 Hashem destroyed the entire Assyrian army that laid _____ to Yerushalayim.

6 The name of a Russian Zionist organization founded in 1882 based on “beit ya’akov lechu v’neilcha” in Yeshayahu pasuk 2:5. *

7 If a prophecy has been written down and included in ______, then it has a message for all times that will be needed for future generations. *

8 An ox recognizes its owner, and a donkey knows its home, in contrast to B”Y who fail to recognize ______. *

11 One of the seraphim touched a hot ____ to Yeshayahu’s lips, declaring that all his sins have been washed away. (6:6-7)

12 Yeshayahu prophesies that Yerushalayim under siege will be as vulnerable as a temporary Sukkah in a ________ ; in Perek 5, Yeshayahu compares the people of Yerushalayim to a ________ that is cared for, but does produce the expected grapes.

14 On Tisha b’Av, we read Megillat _____ ; the first word in Sefer Yeshayahu 1:21. *

17 Each angel (seraph) has six _____, 2 to cover his face, 2 to cover his legs, and 2 for flying.

18 Yeshayahu prophesied that one day an enlightened Melech of Yehuda from the _______ line will reign and lead the world into an age of peace and justice.

19 Rashi compares the collection of exiles who will return to Yisrael in the future to the collected _____s after being beaten off the _____tree and scattered. (27:12)

20 Capital of Malchut Yehuda (Southern Kingdom) ; Tzion is another name for this city ; Everyone who loves ____________ and mourned for her will rejoice in her renewed splendor. (66:10) *

25 The foreign land that attacked and destroyed Malchut Yisrael (Northern Kingdom)

27 The name of the Navi in our sefer *

28 Yeshayahu prophesies the beautiful vision of Hashem seated on a high and lofty throne, surrounded by Ministering ______ (Seraphim).

32 Hashem, our Creator, has Formed us in utero and Helped us since birth when we emerged from the ____ ; Hashem is with us since the ­­­­____, which can refer to exile ; the mother’s ____ is a place of constriction and confinement that helps us to grow and develop.

33 More ________ portions come from Sefer Yeshayahu than from any other Sefer Nevi’im. *

35 Yeshayahu asks a rhetorical question, critical of B”Y’s religious hypocrisy: Why would Hashem need their ________ offered to Him in the Beit HaMikdash, while they continue to behave unjustly?! Such ________ were actually detestable to Hashem! *

36 A ma’sa is a type of ________ (in p’rakim 13-23 of Sefer Yeshayahu) with a message that Yeshayahu directs toward or speaks about another nations in the surrounding area, including Bablyonia, Assyria, Moav, Aram (Damascus), Kush (possibly Ethiopia), Egypt, Edom (Rome), Arabia and Tyre.

38 The _____ of the Northern Kingdom of Yisrael by Assyria occurred in 722 BCE during Yeshayahu’s lifetime ; Yeshayahu tries to strengthen the _____d people in Bavel with words of hope and encouragement.

41 Yeshayahu compares every human being to wilting _____ that is destined to die, whereas Hashem’s Eternal Words are Permanent.

42 Yeshayahu laments the fact that he must speak to the leaders like ________, in order to make them understand his message ; Yeshayahu often describes hope through ________.

44 Unlike other prophets, Yeshayahu does not ________ to respond to Hashem’s call after the angel purified his lips. (6:8)

46 Yeshayahu prophesies that the ______ will be sounded on the day the exiles are gathered back to Yerushalayim. *

48 The Beit HaMikdash was filled with _____, which made for a multi-sensory experience through sight, sound and smell. (6:4)

53 According to Metsudat David, the Navi repeats this word in the same pasuk to emphasize that this consolation will be great and beyond the norm (40:1) ; the essence of the prophecy in the last 27 p’rakim of Sefer Yeshayahu which are read in the Shiva d’Nechemta (7 Haftarot of Consolation) following Tisha b’Av ; may you be comforted. *

54 What the seraphim call out to one another: “______, ______, ______ Hashem is the Lord of Hosts!” ; the word we recite three times when davening Kedusha ; Yeshayahu calls Hashem the ____ of Yisrael 39 times in Sefer Yeshayahu, whereas this Name for Hashem is rarely used elsewhere in Tanach. *

56 Yeshayahu prophesies that only a small, holy _______ of Yisrael will remain to face the future and carry out Hashem’s Holy Covenant.

57 Yeshayau condemns the _______ of the Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) who were drunks and gluttons, and brought the people down.

59 Yeshayahu condemned ________ worship ; Yeshayahu criticizes those who craft _____s and other graven images.

61 A Haftarah portion from Yeshayahu is read when ____ Chodesh falls on Shabbat. *

62 Yeshayahu prophesies that Yisrael’s enemies will ultimately ______ more severely, with far greater punishment than they have caused Yisrael to ______ ; those who are ______ing in the final exile, can look back to the preceding foretold redemption, believing that their own ultimate redemption will also be fulfilled.

63 One interpretation of Yeshayahu’s prophecy in pasuk 41:2 is that Koresh (Cyrus), the King of Persia, will be the “victor from the ____” who eventually helps free B”Y from the Babylonian exile, so they can return home to Eretz Yisrael to do Hashem’s Will ; another interpretation is that in response to Hashem’s command, Avraham Avinu came from Ur in Mesopotamia which is ____ of Eretz Yisrael ; the direction we face when davening.

67 Rashi and Radak (on 41:14) compare B”Y to a tiny ____ that has no strength, except in its mouth which can bore through mighty trees ; so too is B”Y’s strength in the power of prayer from their mouths which can beseech and praise Hashem.

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