Snacking Before Counting Sefira

Am I permitted to eat a snack or have a drink before counting sefira?

The prohibition of eating before counting Sefiras HaOmer applies only to beginning a meal of bread. One who has not yet counted Sefiras HaOmer may not eat more than a k’beitza (an egg’s volume) of bread or begin drinking intoxicating beverages. However, one may eat less than this amount of bread. One may also eat as much meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and drink as much juice or soft drinks as they want. We are only concerned that one will become engrossed in their meal and forget to count Sefiras HaOmer if one begins a meal that consists of more than a k’beitza of bread or if one begins drinking wine or alcohol (Pri Megodim Eishel Avrohom OC Siman 489).


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