1,649. A Girl Who Dies En Route to Her Husband's House

Hilchos Ishus 22:2

Pursuant to the previous halacha, if a woman has been betrothed and her father or his agents deliver her to her husband or his agents, if she dies on the way before entering the chuppah, her husband inherits her even though her dowry is still with her father. Similarly, if the father or his agents went with the husband, if the husband was secluded with her in a courtyard with the intention of marriage and she subsequently died, he inherits her estate. On the other hand, if the husband or his agents are accompanied on the journey by the girl’s father or his agents, her father inherits her if she dies even if her dowry is already with the husband. This is true even if the couple entered a courtyard together to spend the night because travelers commonly lodge together in the same inn. In this instance she is accompanied by her father or his agents and the husband did not seclude himself with her for the purposes of marriage.

Hilchos Ishus 22:3

Similarly, if a bogeres (a girl over 12½), an orphan or a widow goes from her father’s house to her husband’s house on her own, without being escorted by her husband or his agents, if she dies on the way, he does not inherit her estate.