1,640. Tasks That a Wife Performs

Hilchos Ishus 21:2

If a woman exceeds expectations and generates more income than normal, her husband is entitled to the surplus. Even if a man is wealthy and his wife has several maids, she may not sit idle, performing no work at all, because being idle leads to trouble. In such a case, her husband may not make her work all day; her obligation to work is reduced according to the extent of his fortune.

Hilchos Ishus 21:3

If a man takes a vow keeping his wife from performing any kind of work, he must divorce her and pay her the value of her kesubah. This is because, as stated, being idle leads to trouble. A wife must perform the following tasks for her husband: washing his face, feet and hands; pouring his drinks; making his bed; and waiting on him, such as by bringing him water or a utensil, taking something away from him, etc. A woman is not required to wait on her husband’s father or son. [Editor’s note: readers are strongly encouraged to consult with their own rabbis before assuming that these halachos reflect our current practice.]