1,637. A Widow's Support vs. a Daughter's Dowry

Hilchos Ishus 20:10

If a man gives deathbed instructions not to give his daughters a dowry from his estate, his wishes are followed because, as mentioned, a daughter’s dowry is not one of the conditions of a kesubah.

Hilchos Ishus 20:11

Let’s say that a man dies, leaving behind a widow and a daughter. As has been explained (halacha 19:21), supporting the widow takes priority over supporting a daughter. Accordingly, if the daughter wants to marry, she does not receive one-tenth of the estate as a dowry because the money is earmarked for the widow’s maintenance. Even if the daughter dies after getting married, her husband doesn’t inherit the dowry that otherwise would have been given to her because the entire estate is considered earmarked for the widow’s maintenance.