1,634. Dividing an Estate Among Daughters

Hilchos Ishus 20:4

If a man dies, leaving behind several daughters, the first of them who wants to get married is given one-tenth of the estate; the second is given one-tenth of what’s left after paying the first; the third is given one-tenth of what’s left after paying the second. If all the daughters want to get married simultaneously, we take one-tenth of the estate for the first, one-tenth of what’s left for the second, proceeding in this manner even if there are ten daughters. All of this money is then pooled and divided equally among the daughters. Whatever is left in the estate is given to the sons.

Hilchos Ishus 20:5

Giving a daughter one-tenth of the estate as a dowry is not one of the conditions found in a kesubah. Accordingly, it can only be collected from real estate, though it may also be collected from rent due for real estate. If a girl’s brothers want to give her money instead of one-tenth of the real estate, such is their prerogative.