1,629. Dividing an Estate Between Sons and Daughters

Hilchos Ishus 19:16

If a deceased man’s daughter marries and then dissolves her marriage through refusal (mi'un), is divorced or widowed, even if she becomes obligated in yibum, since she returns to her father’s house and has not yet reached the age of majority (of a bogeres, i.e., 12½), she is entitled to be supported from her father’s estate until she reaches the age of majority or is betrothed.

Hilchos Ishus 19:17

If a man dies, leaving both sons and daughters, the sons inherit his estate and they are responsible to support their sisters until they reach the age of majority or are betrothed. This is the case when the estate is large enough to support both the sons and the daughters until the daughters come of age; this is called a bountiful estate. If the estate contains less than this, then the funds needed to support the daughters until they come of age are put aside and the rest is given to the sons. If the estate only contains enough to support the daughters, they are provided with maintenance until they reach adulthood or are betrothed, and the sons are left to fend for themselves.