1,628. Which Daughters Do and Do Not Receive Support

Hilchos Ishus 19:14

A minor orphan girl married off by her family can dissolve her marriage through refusal (mi’un). The daughter of a girl who dissolves her marriage in this way is like any other daughter and is entitled to receive maintenance. However, the daughter of a yevama, of a secondary prohibited relationship, of a man’s betrothed, and of a woman who was violated are not entitled to maintenance after their father’s death; this right is granted because of a condition in the kesubah and the mothers of these daughters did not have kesubahs. During his lifetime, however, their father must support them as he must any other son or daughter.

Hilchos Ishus 19:15

A man who betroths a girl who is receiving maintenance from her brothers is required to provide her with support from the time he betroths her (as opposed to the time of marriage). This is because the girl is no longer entitled to receive maintenance from her brothers once she is betrothed. In this case she has not yet reached the age of majority, when she would be capable of supporting herself. The obligation is placed on the groom because a man wouldn’t want his fiancée to be shamed by having to beg for support.