287. Interrupting a Meal for Various Reasons

42:22 If someone stops to daven during the course of a meal, he does not repeat hamotzi when resuming the meal. Similarly, if someone takes a nap – even a long one – during a meal, or has to interrupt for other reasons, including to use the bathroom, he may resume where he left off. (If he actually lays down in his bed, that’s considered an interruption – Mishnah Brurah 178:48.) However, in all these cases, one must re-wash his hands. Since his mind was diverted from the meal, we assume that he did not guard the cleanliness of his hands the whole time. He does not, however, recite the blessing of "al netilas yadayim" when re-washing in these circumstances. 42:23 If someone finishes his meal and decides to bentch, then he changes his mind and wants to eat or drink some more first, there are a variety of halachic considerations to address. It is advisable to avoid the situation altogether, so one should bentch immediately after resolving to do so.