1,589. Disagreeing About Partial Payments

Hilchos Ishus 16:14

If a woman decreases the value of her kesubah, she can only collect after taking an oath. For example, let’s say that a woman’s kesubah is worth 1,000 zuz, her husband says that she already received it, and she says that she only received part of it. Even if witnesses testify in accordance with her claim, and even if she offers an exacting accounting of what she received down to half a prutah (a very small denomination of coin), she may only collect the balance after taking an oath.

Hilchos Ishus 16:15

Let’s say that a husband claims that his wife has already received the value of her kesubah, she claims not to have received any of it, and one witness testifies that she received either all or part of it. In such a case, she can collect the entire value of her kesubah after taking an oath.