380. Spoiled Fruit

52:12 Over fruits that have not fully ripened on the tree, we recite shehakol. This is the case even if they were cooked, which is a normal way to prepare unripe fruit. However, if an esrog was fried in honey or sugar, one should recite the bracha of ho’eitz. 52:13 The bracha on withered fruit, that was spoiled by the heat and fell from the tree before ripening, is shehakol. This is because it has become damaged. The same is true if one eats moldy bread or other spoiled foods; one would recite shehakol. (If one eats his fill of such bread, he would need to bentch, which is a Biblical obligation – see Bi’ur Halacha 204:1 s.v. pas she’ifasha.) This is only if the food is a little distasteful; if it is truly unfit to eat, one would say no bracha on it at all. Similarly, one would recite no bracha on pure vinegar that bubbles when poured on the ground but if he diluted it with water to a drinkable proportion, he would recite shehakol.