1,583. Melug Property

Hilchos Ishus 16:2

Any property that a woman did not bring into the marriage, nor have written in her kesubah, but rather just kept as her own, or property that she inherited or received as a gift, is considered “melug” property because it’s in her possession. “Kesubah” only refers to the baseline amount of the marriage contract, which is 100 or 200 zuz, plus any additional amount agreed upon.

Hilchos Ishus 16:3

It has already been explained that the Sages set the baseline amounts of the kesubah and that the rules governing the additional amounts are the same as those for the baseline amount. A woman cannot claim the value of her kesubah whenever she likes. Rather, it is like a debt that comes due on a certain date. A kesubah doesn’t come due until the husband dies or divorces the woman. The Sages decreed that if a man has superior, medium and inferior fields, then the value of the kesubah may only be collected from the inferior fields, which are called the “ziburis.”