1,581. Responsibilities of Husband and Wife

Hilchos Ishus 15:18

The Sages said that a woman should act modestly at home, not engage in excessively lightheaded behavior in front of her husband, and not specifically request marital relations, nor discuss them. A woman should not spitefully deny her husband marital intimacy in order to make him desire her more. Rather, she should accommodate him as necessary. She should distance herself from his relatives and the members of his household so that he will not be made jealous, and she should avoid any situation that is – or appears to be – inappropriate.

Hilchos Ishus 15:19

The Sages commanded that a man love his wife as he does himself and honor her more than he does himself. If he has the means, he should increase her luxuries accordingly. He should not cause her undue fear; rather, he should speak pleasantly with her, neither depressed nor angry.