1,580. A Man or Woman Should Be Married

Hilchos Ishus 15:16

Even when a man has fulfilled the mitzvah to procreate, there is a rabbinic obligation to continue procreating for as long as one is able. This is because adding a soul to the Jewish people is tantamount to building an entire world. Also, there is a rabbinic mitzvah for a man to have a wife so that he will not be tempted to sinful thoughts. A woman should likewise have a husband so that she will not be suspected of immorality.

Hilchos Ishus 15:17

A man is obligated to warn his wife away from immoral behavior; the Sages say that one only does so when motivated by a “spirit of purity.” Nevertheless, he should not do so excessively. A man is not permitted to compel his wife to engage in marital intimacy against her will. Marital relations should always be by mutual consent, following conversation, and in a joyful spirit.