1,572. The Mitzvah of Procreation

Hilchos Ishus 14:24

If a man doesn’t want to pay for his wife’s burial and another person assumes responsibility to take care of it, the cost is seized from the husband against his will and given to the one who laid out the money. This is to keep the deceased from being thrown to the dogs like carrion. If a man is in a different city when his wife dies, the court should sell his property to pay for her burial without making an announcement. The woman should be buried according to her husband’s means and his or her status, as appropriate.

Hilchos Ishus 15:1

A woman is permitted to forgo her conjugal rights so long as her husband already has children and has fulfilled his obligation to procreate. If he has not yet fulfilled his obligation to procreate, then he must engage in marital relations according to his conjugal obligations until he fathers children. This is a Torah obligation as per Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply.”