1,571. The Obligation to Bury a Wife

Hilchos Ishus 14:22

If a woman who is prohibited to her husband because of a Torah prohibition is taken captive, he is not required to ransom her but he must give her the value of her kesubah so that she can ransom herself. A kohein whose wife has been taken captive is obligated to ransom her even though she is prohibited to him because she was permitted up until the time she was captured; it is the captivity itself that renders her prohibited to him.

Hilchos Ishus 14:23

If a woman dies, her husband must have her buried, eulogized and mourned according to the accepted local practice. Even a poor man should provide at least two flutes and one woman to mourn for his wife; a wealthy husband should act in a manner commensurate with his resources. If the deceased wife was of a higher status than her surviving husband, he must provide her with a funeral appropriate for her status. This is because a woman ascends to her husband’s status (when his is higher) but she does not descend (if his is lower). This remains true even after she passes away.