1,567. A Man Who “Rebels” Against His Wife

Hilchos Ishus 14:14

Some authorities say that in Babylonia they followed a different procedure regarding a woman who spitefully “rebels” against her husband but these practices did not spread through most of the Jewish community and many prominent authorities disagree with them. Accordingly, it is appropriate to follow the aforementioned procedure, which was laid out by the Sages.

Hilchos Ishus 14:15

Let’s say that a man “rebels” against his wife, saying that he will support her but that he will no longer be intimate with her because he finds her unattractive. In such a case, the value of her kesubah is increased by 36 barleycorns of silver every week. They may remain married without engaging in marital relations for as long as she wishes. Even though her kesubah continually increases, the husband is still in violation of a prohibition since Exodus 21:10 says, “Do not reduce (her conjugal rights)” If her husband hates her, he should divorce her; intentionally causing her to suffer is prohibited. Lashes are not administered for violating this prohibition because it involves no action on the husband’s part.