1,566. Dividing Property After a Divorce for "Rebellion"

Hilchos Ishus 14:12

If the time has arrived for a betrothed woman to complete the marriage but she refuses to do so in order to aggrieve her husband, she is considered to be “rebelling” vis-à-vis marital relations (and the aforementioned process is followed). The same is true when a woman refuses to undergo yibum (levirate marriage) in order to aggrieve her deceased husband’s brother.

Hilchos Ishus 14:13

When a woman who spitefully “rebels” is divorced after 12 months and doesn’t receive the value of her kesubah, she must also return anything that belongs to her husband. Regarding property that she brought into the marriage and what remains, if she takes possession of these things, they are not taken from her but if her husband takes possession of them, they are not taken from him. Her husband is not obligated to pay for anything that was lost from her property for which he assumed responsibility. This is the law that was enacted regarding a woman who spitefully “rebels” against her husband.