1,565. When the Procedure for "Rebellion" is Followed

Hilchos Ishus 14:10

After the four weeks of announcements described in the previous halacha, the court sends the woman a second messenger who informs her that if she continue in the spiteful manner, then she has forfeited the value of her kesubah. If she chooses to continue in this way, the court notifies her and she forfeits the value of her kesubah altogether (both the baseline amount and any additions). She is not given a divorce until 12 months have passed. During this time, her husband need not provide her maintenance. If she dies before the divorce, her husband inherits her.

Hilchos Ishus 14:11

The procedure of a woman who “rebels” in order to aggrieve her husband is followed even: when the woman is a niddah or ill and unable to engage in marital relations; even when the husband is a sailor whose conjugal obligation is only once in six months; even when the husband has another wife.