1,561. Polygamy

Hilchos Ishus 14:2

A wife has the ability to prevent her husband from taking business trips to faraway places so that he will be available to fulfill his conjugal obligation; he may only take long journeys with her consent. Similarly, she may prevent him from changing to a job that would reduce her conjugal rights, such as changing from a donkey driver to a camel driver, or from a camel driver to a sailor. Torah scholars may take two or three years off from their studies without their wives’ consent. Similarly, a man of leisure’s wife cannot prevent him a from becoming Torah scholar.

Hilchos Ishus 14:3

[Such is no longer our practice but, under Biblical law,] a man may marry multiple wives – even 100 – either simultaneously or in succession. His current wife may not object so long as he has the means to provide each wife with the appropriate level of food, clothing and conjugal rights. He may not compel his wives to live in the same courtyard; each one is entitled to her own residence.