1,553. Providing for Other Dependants

Hilchos Ishus 13:6

A man must provide appropriate clothing, housing and household items not only to his wife but also to any sons and daughters age six or younger. He need not provide for his children commensurate with his wealth. Rather, he need only provide the basic necessities. The general principle is that whenever a man or his estate is required to provide for someone’s maintenance, they are also obligated to provide for that person’s clothes, household items and housing. Whenever a court sells a man’s property to provide someone’s maintenance, they would also sell it to provide that person with clothes, household items and a residence.

Hilchos Ishus 13:7

If a woman’s husband has gone on a journey and the court has awarded her money for her maintenance, clothing, household items and housing, they do not award her money for ornaments. This is because she is entitled to ornaments in order to make herself attractive to her husband and he’s not around. Conversely, if a woman's husband loses his power of reason or the ability to communicate (so the court sells his property to provide for her), she is also awarded an allowance towards ornaments. The laws of court cases between a husband and wife over her clothing, utensils and housing are the same as those for cases about her maintenance. If he says that he provided these things and she says that he didn’t, the court proceeds the same way as they would in claims about food.