1,551. More Than Just Clothing

Hilchos Ishus 13:2

The clothing allotments described in the previous halacha refer specifically to Talmudic times and in Israel but in other times and places, no particular amount is designated. This is because clothes are very expensive in some places and inexpensive in others. The basic idea is that a husband must provide his wife with appropriate clothes for winter and summer, the minimal wardrobe worn by married women in that locale.

Hilchos Ishus 13:3

The obligation to provide one’s wife with clothing includes household items and a place to live. "Household items" includes a bed and its covers, a mat or rug to sit on, and eating utensils like a pot, a plate, a cup, a bottle, etc. "A place to live" means that he must rent a residence at least four cubits by four cubits in size (about 6’x6’). It must have a yard outside that she can use and access to lavatory facilities.