1,479. Giving the Woman Something of Questionable Value

Hilchos Ishus 5:25

Let’s say that a man gives a woman something like a myrtle wreath and asks her to be consecrated to him through it. She accepts the object but complains that it isn’t worth a prutah. He replies by asking her to consecrated through four zuz that are hidden inside of it. If she agrees, marriage is effected. If she remains silent, marriage is not effected by this money because remaining silent after it has already been given to her is ineffective. Nevertheless, there is still a doubt that marriage may have been effected because the wreath might be worth a prutah elsewhere.

Hilchos Ishus 5:26

Let’s say that a man asks a woman to be consecrated to him by giving her a date. And then another date. And then another date (i.e., one after another). If any one of them is worth a prutah, marriage is effected but if not, then it is a case of doubt because one of the dates might be worth a prutah somewhere else.