543. The Haftarah for a "Double Parsha"

79:5 The proper course of action is that the one who receives Maftir reads the haftarah aloud and the members of the congregation read it quietly to themselves. The practice for the congregation to read the haftarah out loud along with the reader is due only to ignorance and it is proper to abolish it. There are those who pause while reading the haftarah, so that even after the reader finishes the haftarah and starts to recite the brachos, they don’t want to pause while reading the haftarah themselves; this is also inappropriate. If they read the haftarah out loud, they don’t hear the words at the beginning of the brachos and can even cause others nearby not to hear them. Even if they lower their voices a little when the brachos begin, they themselves won’t hear it. Therefore, as soon as one hears the brachos after the haftarah beginning, he should remain silent until they are finished even though he has not yet finished reading the haftarah himself. He can then finish reading the haftarah afterward. The reader should not start reciting the brachos until the room is quiet.

79:6 On a Shabbos when two Torah portions are read, the haftarah read is that of the second portion, except when Acharei Mos and Kedoshim are combined. Then we read the haftarah from Amos chapter 9. (This is also true when parshas Acharei Mos is the day before Rosh Chodesh; we still read from Amos 9, rather than from I Samuel 20 – Mishnah Brurah 428:26.) In some Chumashim, they assign the haftarah starting in Hosea chapter 12 to parshas Vayishlach, but this is an error. That’s the haftarah for parshas Vayeitzei. The haftarah for parshas Vayishlach is Obadiah chapter 1.