Behaaloscha 5779

שיחת מוסר: How is lighting the Menorah a consolation for Aharon not being included in the korbanot hanesiim, how could lighting the Menorah be greater than the ketoret (which was part of the Korbanot HaNesiim)? The connection between the Menorah and hakarat hatov (lighting the Menorah to illuminate Hashem's home just as he illuminates the world). The importance of letting someone express gratitude.

ויעש כן אהרון: What is the greatness of Aharon following instructions?

What is being added about the Menorah in Parshat Behaalotecha that we didn't know beforehand? Why couldn't Moshe understand the menorah without being shown it first?

ואתנה את הלוים נתונים לאהרן ולבניו מתוך בני ישראל לעבד את עבדת בני ישראל באהל מועד ולכפר על בני ישראל ולא יהיה בבני ישראל נגף בגשת בני ישראל אל הקדש - במדבר ח:יט

Why is "בני ישראל" mentioned five times in this verse?

Seforno on why Pesach Sheni is written here and the sequence of the first three parshiyot in Bamidbar as preparation to enter Eretz Yisrael.

תוספת ברכה: What is the greatness of Moshe being modest? It was his also being a גבור, עשיר, חכם that made his ענווה remarkable.