Yirmiyahu's Purchase of Real Estate in Israel with the Churban Impending

From Yirmiyahu 32

While Yirmiyahu is in jail he received a prophecy in which he was commanded to redeem the field of his cousin, a process described in the Parsha. Chanamel described it as משפט הירושה as opposed to in his prophecy where it was described as משפט הגאולה, a sign that it was indeed prophetic since no two neviim prophesize with the same wording.

Why did Hashem command Yirmiyahu to go through this process of גאולה, redeeming a field, when Bnei Yisrael were going to be exiled in the near future?

When Yirmiyahu asks God why he is doing this he addresses Him as הא-ל הגדול הגבור, paraphrasing Moshe but leaving out the word נורא (see Yoma 69)

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